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FFL & Private Party Transfers

Monmouth Arms will accept transfers (inbound and outbound) I also accept transfers directly from private individuals.

Procedures for Transferring a Firearm (Inbound):

After purchasing the firearm from a dealer they will need a copy of my Federal Firearms Licence (FFL). You can download it by Clicking Here and forward to your seller so they can immediately ship your firearm or If you prefer you can Contact me at 732-547-1243 or e-mail Steve@monmoutharms.com with your seller's information (name, phone number, e-mail) along with the type of firearm / order #'s and i will handle the rest.

Once i have contacted the seller i will confirm with you, After your firearm arrives at my location i will immediately contact you to arrange to pickup you firearm.

Once we receive your firearm:
I will visually inspect your firearm as soon as it arrives to insure it meets with all Federal and State laws.(If you prefer inspection takes place while you are on site, you will need to arrive for inspection before the close of the next business day to keep in regulation with ATF rules) once complete i will begin the transfer process.

We DO NOT accept Shipments or Transfers of Ammunition.

Transfer Process:

To transfer a firearm into your custody it requires a small amount of paperwork and a background check (NJ Nics) for each firearm, The total time is approximately 10 minutes from start to finish for each Firearm.

When you arrive to pick up your new firearm you will need the following information:

  1. Valid NJ Firearms ID Card
  2. Valid Government issued photo ID (drivers license)
  3. If you purchased a Handgun we will need your Handgun Permit
    ( That State of New Jersey has a 1 Handgun per 30 days rule, If you purchased multiple handguns please bring your NJ exemption. If you do not have this form i will be happy to store your handguns for you and release them each 30 days without any storage fees)
  4. If you are NOT a United States citizen you will need your INS number


Transfer Cost

  • (1st)Firearm $ 25.00 + NJ Nics $15.00
  • (2nd) Firearm $ 20.00
  • (3rd+) Firearm $10.00

(Multiple transfer discounts , when transferred in single transaction,
NJ Nics refers to the required Background check fees that we pay to the state of new jersey
. )

  • Customers may drop-off and pick-up firearms by appointment only.
  • New Jersey Sales Tax is applied to Transfer Fees.
  • All Outbound Transfers must ship to an verified FFL.
  • Monmouth Arms, LLC. will not be held liable for any defects, damage, or malfunctions on firearms Transferred (Inbound or Outbound) to / from third parties. 

Please review NJ Gun law prior to ordering any firearms online. You can review NJ gun law here.

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