• To purchase, receive, or otherwise acquire a Firearm in NJ you must first obtain a Firearms Purchaser Identification Card (FID card) for Long Guns or a permit to purchase a Pistol along with a Valid NJ Drivers Lic / State issued ID*

  • You CANNOT legally purchase or obtain a firearm in NJ including Pistols, Rifles or Shotguns without a Valid FID Card or Permit to Purchase.

  • If you do not currently have a FID card or Permit to Purchase you would need to contact your Local Police department or Local State Police Barracks if you do not have a local police department and request a Firearms ID Card  (Rifles /Shotguns) and Permit to Purchase (Hand Guns).  They will instruction you on the procedures and direct you to the NJ Fars online system. 
  • Yes but you cannot take posession of that Firearm, It must be tranfered to you thought a NJ Firearms Dealer. 

    Note: Private party tranfers can take place between Imediate family members without the use of a NJ Firearms Dealer. Both parties must abide by NJ Firearm laws using COE forms for Long Guns and a Permit to Purchase for Handguns.
  • Your Drivers License / State ID must match the address printed on your FID or Permit to purchase. NJ Nics verifies addresses and will deny the sale if the address’s do not match.

    NOTE: Since the DMV NJ does not issue change of address stickers that you would place on the back of your Drivers Lic / State ID the printed address on the Drivers Lic / State ID can be different then the address printed on the Permit or FID as long as it matches in the computer.
  • The only limitation on quantity of firearms you can purchase is Handguns, NJ law requires you to wait 30 Days between picking up each handgun unless you obtain a Multiple Handgun exemption from the NJSP. All other Firearms have no limitations.
  • No, There is currenty no waiting period to obtain a Firearm in NJ.

    NOTE: There is a One Gun a Month rule in NJ for Handguns. You MUST wait 30 days between each handgun picked up.
  • Yes, All firearms require a Federal Background Check (Nics) even if you already have your NJ Permit to purchase and an FID card. 
    The Nics check is required by Federal law on all purchases that take place at an FFL.
  • No.. A Carry permit does not change the requirements for purchasing a Firearm in NJ.
  • NJ Nics refers to the Federal background check required for all purchases.
  • A Semi Automatic Rifle or Pistol may not have a capacity greater than 10 rounds.
  • A Semi Automatic Shotgun may not have a capacity greater than 6 rounds.
  • You must be 18 Years of Age to Obtain a Rifle or Shotgun.

  • You must be 21 years of age to Obtain a Hand Gun.

  • You must be 21 years of Age to Obtain a Stripped Lower / Other.
  • You may ONLY carry a handgun publicly in NJ if you first obtain a license to carry a handgun from NJ. (the exemption of this is if you are carrying a firearm in conjunction with an exempted activity hunting, firearms competition, range, etc.)

  • NJ will not honor a license to carry a firearm from any other state, it must be from NJ.

  • NJ has a system in place to obtain a license to carry a firearm. You must contact your local Police Department for the NJ Carry Permit.

  • There is also no restriction in reference to “carrying” a firearm within your home.
  • If you have a FID card you can essentially transport a long gun at any time, there are no restrictions on transportation.

  • If you have a FID card you can transport a Handgun to and from the range or exempt location.


  • The State of NJ has very specific guild lines for Semi-Automatic Rifles that include a pistol grip.  The vast majority of AR / AK style rifles can be made NJ Legal with the exception of the Colt Rifles marked AR-15  on the receiver or Kalashnikov Marked AK-47 on the receiver. These rifles are banned by name and cannot be possessed in NJ.
  • There is currently no mandatory firearm registration in effect in NJ. If you move to NJ with firearms you must be sure they are NJ legal but there is no need to register them in any way with the state.

  • Guns purchased while a NJ resident must be purchased within the guidelines of the state. All guns owned by NJ residents must be NJ legal.
  • Yes. At this time it is perfectly legal to purchase ammunition online and have it delivered to your home.